"My mother has lost her license, because of a inaccurate report, DMV Attorney Francisco Rodriguez was able to make sure that she kept driving. This meant the world to her" - A grateful client!

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The law allows the DMV to take away anyone's license who may have a medical condition that renders them unsafe to drive a vehicle.  Usually a doctor, police officer or relative, will file a report with the DMV alleging certain facts that made them feel a condition existed, at the time of contact, that renders the person a danger to others if allow to drive.  This can range from conditions such as diabetes, to loss of consciousness.  

The DMV is interested in making sure that our roads are safe for the rest of us.  However in it's effort to have save roads, the system often victimizes drivers that are perfectly able to drive safely and have either no condition at all, or have their condition under medical control.  

If you have received a DMV Medical Suspension Notice, you must also act quickly.  There is a time limit for requesting a hearing.  You must also know what you are doing.  It is not recommended, if driving is important to you, that you handle this on your own.  To many drivers attempt this, and simply end up placing the case in a worse of position.

If you have received a DMV Medical Notice of Suspension, you must call DMV Attorney, Francisco Rodriguez, for a free consultation.  He has handled countless Medical Suspension hearings and has kept his client's safely driving. Time is of the essence!