If you have been charged with possession of drugs, possession of drugs for sale, being under the influence of drugs, transportation of drugs, or any other drug charge in the State of California, you must take every step to protect your rights.  This includes marijuana, cocaine, rock cocaine, methamphetamine, ecstasy, prescription drugs, LSD, herion and all other restricted drugs.

The severity of these charges has a wide range.  Many drug charges carry prison time, mostly involving sales. Many of the charges are eligible for Diversion (Pre-Plea Diversion), DEOJ (Deferred Entry of Judgement) or Prop 36.  In order to be successful at defending these charges, you must know how these alternative sentencing schemes work. And, you must also have a person who is qualified at presenting a defense to a Jury in order to get a not guilty verdict.  Attorney, Francisco Rodriguez, is that person.

If you have been charged with any type of drug offense, in Marin County, Alameda County, San Francisco County, Contra Costa County or Solano County, you must call our office immidietly for a free confidential consultation. 

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