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 There are three ways to clean your record and we have mastered all of them:

  1. EXPUNGEMENT: A motion is filed with the Court, after successful completion of most terms of probation, asking that the Court dismissed the your case.  It can be done on or before the completion of probation but ,again, you must have completed a majority of your probation terms successfully.
  2. 17(B) MOTION: A 17(b) Motion is a Motion filed in felony conviction cases, asking the Court to reduce the conviction from a felony to a misdemeanor.  It is often filed along side with an expungement.
  3. MOTION TO WITHDRAW THE PLEA: This is a Motion that is used when someone plead guilty to a crime without being properly informed of all consequences.  We file the motion and after a showing of good cause (showing why the person was ill informed), we are able to go back to a not guilty status.  There are many requirements that must be met for this motion to be successful.
  4. MOTION TO SET ASIDE THE JUDGEMENT: This motion is very specialized and is used to set aside the sentence (judgment) and thereafter attack the plea.  It is often used in cases where the plea took place a long time ago.
  5. WRIT OF CORUM NOBIS: This writ is very much similar to the Motion to Set Aside the Judgment.  In fact it is the same argument, just a different vehicle, to a different Court.
  6. PETITION FOR FACTUAL INNOCENCE: This is a motion that is made to clear your arrest record.  It can be done where no conviction took place.  Where a person was merely arrested or arrested and charged, but the case was later dismissed.

If you have plead guilty (in the Courts of Marin, Oakland, San Francisco), are looking to expunge a record, clear it completely or just looking to clear your name, you must call Attorney Rodriguez.  He has handled all record clearing motions in all Northern California Courts, but specially in Marin, Oakland, Hayward and San Francisco Courts.