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Failure to obey a traffic control device / signal can be somewhat tricky to defend if you do not know what you are doing. The charge alleges that you did not follow the instructions posted on a traffic control sign; the problem is that many times you don't know what sign you may have violated, or if the sign is legal.

There is a publication called, Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, otherwise known and referred to as the MUTCD.  This is a very important piece of literature because it lists the requirements, inter alia, for installing a legal traffic control device or sign. If the requirements are not met, the case must be dismissed!!! 

Traffic Attorney Francisco Rodriguez knows how to effectively use the manual to defend many traffic ticket offenses and has done so succesfully for the past 15 years.  If you have been charged with failure to obey a traffic control device / signal, in violation of Vehicle Code section 21461(a), call him for a free consultation on your case. He can make the difference between winning and losing!!!