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The Trial By Declaration process is one of the great tools that any decent Traffic Attorney should be aware of and use.  The process is as follows:

  1. You mail in a request for a TBD on or before the due date of your ticket.
  2. The Court will receive your request and send you the appropriate forms to be filled out.
  3. You fill the form out and send in along with your bail money.
  4. Court receives the request and sends notice to citing officer.
  5. Court receives response from both parties and decides if you are guilty or innocent.
  6. Court notifies you of result.
  7. If you win, case is done and you will get your money back in six to eight weeks.
  8. If you lose, you get to request a Trial De Novo (new trial) and the Court MUST issue a new IN PERSON trial date.
  9. If you win your IN PERSON trial, then the Court will refund your bail within six to eight weeks.
  10. If you lose your IN PERSON trial, then Court will keep bail for payment of the fine.
  11. Traffic Attorney Francisco Rodriguez, loves the Trial By Declaration process and uses it with every single client of his.  "I highly recommend it".  But talk to him before you attempt to go through the process, he states that "there are some serious pit falls, that you must be aware of and avoid at all costs...."

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