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Theft charges came in all sorts of forms, Petty Theft, Petty Theft with a prior, Grand Theft, Mortgage Fraud, False Insurance Claims, the list goes on and on.  The most important thing about any theft charge is the following:

  1. If you are being charged with any of the above, call Attorney Francisco Rodriguez for a free consultation
  2. Never give any statements to law enforcement about the incident  
  3. Never try to negotiate with the store, let Attorney Francisco Rodriguez do so for you
  4. Never go to court and plead guilty before speaking with Attorney Francisco Rodriguez
  5. Don't conduct interviews with insurance claim representatives without first speaking with Attorney Rodriguez

While the punishment may seem easy or not severe, the consequences of having a theft conviction of any kind on your record are for life!

In the Fraud, White Collar Crime Area, Attorney Rodriguez has handled a variety of complex insurance and mortgage fraud cases and has extensive experience in complex criminal litigation.  Again, if you suspect that you are being investigated for fraud or theft of any sort, call Attorney Rodriguez right away!