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Traffic tickets are becoming more costly.  As the local municipalities suffer in the current economic times, they see traffic tickets as a great source of revenue.  Traffic ticket fines and punishments are increasing on a yearly basis. One of the worse tickets you can get is a reckless driving charge, violation of Vehicle Code section 23103.  It is a two point violation, carries a Hefty fine, and has a minimum of 5 days jail sentence! Ouch!  It is definitely one to avoid. 

Fortunately, our experience has been that many motorists are cited for this violation even when they are not guilty of the offense.  Many officers cite for this section, knowing the consequences and punishment that it carries, when they run into a motorist who is possibly speeding excessively.  However, excessive speeding, does not equal reckless driving.  The problem is that these same motorist are heading to Court before speaking to an a qualified Traffic Attorney, like Francisco Rodriguez, and pleading guilty without investigating their case.  This is a big and costly mistake.

If you have been cited for reckless driving, do not plead guilty without first talking to Reckless Driving Attorney, Francisco Rodriguez, he has handled countless cases with great results.  Call him now for a free confidential consultation, (415) 378-4133.