"Attorney Rodriguez was able to get a mistrial in a .18, .18, case, this is not something that just any Attorney can do, it takes knowledge and guts to get there!"-Olge, B., client.

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If you have been arrested for a DUI in Richmond, San Pablo, Hercules, Pinole or anywhere in Contra Costa County.  The information below is a must read:

  1. You must contact the DMV's Driver Safety Office within 10 DAYS.  Do not miss this timely, it could cost you your license and there is no remedy available for missing it! Yikes!!!
  2. Write down all of the events of the day when you were arrested, this information is crucial to your defense in Court and at the DMV.
  3. Call Richmond DUI Attorney Francisco Rodriguez to set up a free consultation, you have nothing to lose and everthing to gain!!
  4. Do not miss your court date or a warrant will go out for your arrest.  If this happens you end up doing jail that you otherwise would not have to do!  Also, Contra Costa District Attorney's Office, at least as of the time of this writting, is often behind on their filings.  This means that you may show up in Court and your case will not have been filed! This does not releive you of your promise to appear in Court and should this happen, you should make sure and call the Clerk's office to find out the status of your case. It is not recommended that you call the District Attorney's Office for obivous reasons.  You may call Richmond DUI Attorney, Francisco Rodriguez, and he will verify the status of your case.
  5. When you go to Court give yourself time for the metal detector line.
  6. There are usually two or three trial departments available, you must know who the Judges are.  Again, Richmond, CA, DUI Attorney, Francisco Rodriguez can give you a good prespective about the people who reing over your case.
  7. Our office is located five minutes away from the Richmond Court House; DUI Attorney, Francisco Rodriguez, knows the law, the Science and the players in your case!

Government often relies on machines and science that has nothing to do with your particular alcohol level!  Most of the laws and the machines are based on an average person.  You might just be, very far from being the avarage person, but unless you have someone who knows the law and the science, you have little to no chance of PROVING your innocence.  And, yes we did say PROVING - that's how bias the system is against alleged drinking drivers.  Call us for a further discussion, educate yourself, knowledge is power!