"My license was at stake, I had gotten too many tickets, I needed to drive, DMV Attorney Francisco Rodriguez, won my hearing"-Kenneth M., client.

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The law allows the DMV to take your license if you have received 4 points in a year (6 for commercial license), 6 points in two years (eight for commercial license) or 8 in three years (10 for commercial license).  The DMV must first send you a notice informing you of the suspension and give you an opportunity to request a hearing.  Once the notice is mailed, you will have 14 days to request a hearing from the date of the notice. If you fail to request a the hearing within that time limit, your forfeit the right to such hearing.  DO NOT BLOW THE TIMELINE!

DMV Attorney, Francisco Rodriguez, has handled countless Negligent Operator Hearings (Neg Op Hearings) over the years and has managed to keep every client on the road.  Along the way, he has managed to save Jobs and his client's ability to commute and move around.

Again, time is of the essence with any Negligent Operator Suspension.  If you have received a notice of suspension from the DMV, you must call DMV Attorney, Francisco Rodriguez, for a free case evaluation.