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Solicitation is a crime of moral turpitude and can be extremely damaging to a person.  You can be arrested for soliciting money for sex (known as a Prostitution), or for soliciting sex for money (known as a John).  

Soliciting money for sex (someone in the sex industry) can adversely impact the person.  Both their professional and personal lives can be easily turned upside down.  This is typical for any public figure, but also for many non-celebrities.

If you are in the sex industry and are arrested for solicitation, there are many ways to attack a potential charge and avoid a conviction.  Much like a John, a conviction can have devastating affects on your life and future careers.

If you have been arrested for solicitation, time is of the essence, you must get the right type of advice from a professional, do not attempt to handle such a sensitive issue on your own. Solicitation Attorney Francisco Rodriguez, has been handling sex cases out of the Marin, San Francisco and Oakland Court houses for over 14 years. If you have been arrested or cited for this type of offense you must call him to discuss the matter, it is a free consultation that can save your record! Call him now!