"Attorney Rodriguez was able to get a .19,.19 tossed out because the arresting officer failed to follow the law, this did not seem easy, but he did it! Highly recommended for any DUI case!" - Michael M., client.

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If you have been arrested for a Walnut Creek DUI, or have been arrested for a DUI in any of the surrounding cities of Walnut Creek, you must read the following information.

  1. Do not fail to contact the DMV within TEN DAYS of your arrest. If you do, the DMV will suspend your license automatically and you will forgo your right to a legal hearing where you can dispute such suspension.  You can Call Walnut Creek DUI Attorney, Francisco Rodriguez's office and he will schedule the hearing for you free of charge or obligation!
  2. Write down as much detailed information as you can about the day of the arrest and the arrest.  We want to know where you were; who you were with; what you were doing; how much you had to drink, if any; did you pay with cash or credit card, etc....  Detail is the key word.
  3. Make sure you know your court date and do not fail to appear.  If you fail to appear a warrant will issue and the police -specially in Contra Costa County- will come looking for you.  Also, you may show up at your given court date and find that your case has not, YET, been filed.  Don't take this to mean that you no longer have a case, Contra Costa County District Attorney's Office is known for their late filings.  What this means is that you must continue to call the Clerk's office after your initial appearance to see if charges have been filed.  I would recommend doing this at least once every two weeks, after the initial appearance so a warrant doesn't go out.  Check for a year after your arrest, if after a year has passed, they have failed to file your case, it becomes a defense to the charge!!!
  4. There are three Courtrooms in Walnut Creek where the matters are heard.  This means there are three Judges who hear these cases, it is important that you understand who will be hearing your case and what their likes or dislikes may be.  This type of knowledge and use of such can only be done by someone who is a skilled litigator.  The knowledge is crucial to your case, so do your homework. 
  5. Call Walnut Creek DUI Lawyer, Francisco Rodriguez, for a free consultation on your case.  He is highly regarded in the field as one of the best.  He will set up your DMV hearing just for calling and will properly advise you on the phone or at his office.  Remember knowledge is power!!!

So, if you have been arrested for a DUI in Contra Costa County and are looking for the best Walnut Creek DUI Attorney, Call Francisco Rodriguez now, he makes the difference!