"I got arrested for a DUI and had a commercial driver's license, I had contacted the DMV to preserve my hearing.  I thereafter called DUI Attorney Francisco Rodriguez and he won my hearing with the DMV on a technicality! Attorney Rodriguez successfully argued the cop had not done his job properly and saved my license!" -Stanley R., client.

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The law allows the DMV to take away your license if you have been arrested for a DUI. The length of the suspensions depends on the number of DUI arrests you have suffered or the type of license you hold (commercial, or class C).  Being able to get around is something we often take for granted, we truly don't realize the impact it has until it's taken.  To make matters worse, driving on a suspended license (suspension based on DUI) is a misdemeanor and carries jail time.  The best defense is to fight the suspension by requesting a hearing immediately after your arrest.  in fact you have:


If you fail to request the hearing within the ten days, there is no remedy and your license will be automatically suspended.  The recommended course of action is to always request your hearing and fight the suspension.  The hearing can often be won.

DUI Suspension Attorney, Francisco Rodriguez, has fought hundreds of DMV DUI suspensions with great success! If you have been arrested for a DUI, you must request your hearing in a timely fashion.  Call Attorney, Francisco Rodriguez, and he will, with no obligation, make and keep proof of your timely hearing request.  This will buy you time to organize and prepare your attack on your DUI case.  You must also read our DUI information found on this website.  Remember you have ten days!