"Francisco went to trial twice on a red light camera case in both South City and Central Courts, he was succesful twice, he is the best San Mateo Traffic Attorney I know!" - Peter S., client.

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San Mateo is a very unique place to appear in Court for a San Mateo Traffic Ticket. There are three Courts that hear traffic tickets in San Mateo County, they are: 1) Redwood City Traffic Court 2) San Mateo Central Branch Traffic Court 3) San Mateo, Northern Branch Traffic Court. All of the Courts are presided over by different Commissioners and each one of them handles cases very uniquely.  They are all tough on speeders and if you are guilty of the offense, they will not hesitate on imposing what they deem is the correct penalty against the violator.  This is why the best defense for any San Mateo Traffic Ticket, is not to be guilty of one.

San Mateo Traffic Ticket Attorney, Francisco Rodriguez, has been fighting traffic ticket cases in San Mateo County for over 15 years.  He has seen a number of Commissioners come and go, and knows well the one's who sit in Court now.  This experience is priceless when defending a traffic ticket in one of these Courts.  Also the knowledge of applicable case law and theory in application makes San Mateo Traffic Ticket Attorney, Francisco Rodriguez, the best choice for defending any traffic ticket in San Mateo County.

You made one mistake already, don't make another, contact the Best Traffic Attorney in California, Francisco Rodriguez, for a free consultation and be on your way to a better defense.