"Francisco Has been my Walnut Creek Traffic Attorney, Oakland Traffic Attorney and Concord Traffic Attorney, he has won every case! I was able to reach him while getting pulled over for advice." - Kenneth M., client.

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If you have received a Walnut Creek Traffic Ticket or a Concord Traffic Ticket, then you must read the following, it can make a difference between winning and losing your case:

  1. Do not fail to appear by the date written on your ticket, if you do, you will incur what is known as a civil assessment and a THREE HUNDRED DOLLAR fine will be added.  There is little that one can do to get rid of this penalty once it has been levied.  Call the Court or appear on time, it will save you money.
  2. Give your self plenty of time, when going to court, to deal with the traffic clerk's office lines and metal detector lines.
  3. Call ahead to get the days and times of walk in Court.  Don't waste your morning, call to make sure you can be seen.
  4. Call Walnut Creek Traffic Attorney, Francisco Rodriguez, if you have received a ticket that requires you to appear there.  He has been defending traffic tickets in Walnut Creek for the past fifteen years, with a great success rate.
  5. Call Concord Traffic Ticket Attorney, Francisco Rodriguez, if you have received a ticket and must appear in Concord traffic court.