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Having criminal charges levied against you in San Francisco Superior Court can be a pretty traumatic experience. The charges can affect your freedom or livelihood.  The system can be scary, but this is why it is important to arm yourself with as much information as possible.

This page was created with the hopes of give you some information to help you in the process of a San Francisco criminal case. Information is power, but when ever you have been charged with a crime, you also need to have the best San Francisco Criminal Defense Attorney on your side. Attorney Francisco Rodriguez is that Attorney.  

All criminal cases in San Francisco are heard, or begin, at the Hall of Justice located at 855 Bryant St. If you are charged with a misdemeanor, your case will begin in one of the courtrooms in the second floor of the hall of justice. If the case goest to trial your case will be assigned to the master calendar in the third floor.  From here your case can could remain in a courtroom at the hall of justice, or be sent to the civil courthouse at McAllister St.

If your case is a felony, it will begin in one of the courtrooms in the first floor for the preliminary hearing, and move up to the third floor for pre-trial proceedings and possibly trial.  It can also end up at the civil court house at McAllister St.

It is important to know the Judges, Prosecutors and to also understand the San Francisco County juries.  All will have an affect on your case.  San Francisco Criminal Defense Attorney, Francisco Rodriguez, provides all of this knowledge and more. 

Remember, if you are charged with a crime in San Francisco County, do not speak to any law enforcement about the facts of the case.  Exercise your constitutional right to remain silent! Call Criminal Attorney, Francisco Rodriguez, for a free confidential consultation.