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If you have been arrested for a San Mateo DUI you must read the following information:

  1. You must call the DMV within ten days of your San Mateo DUI arrest.  If you fail to do so, your license will be automatically suspended.  Call San Mateo DUI Attorney, Francisco Rodriguez, and he will help you preserve your right to a hearing at no cost or obligation.
  2. Write down everything that happened the day of your arrest.  Who your where with; what time you arrived; what time you left; did you pay with a credit card or cash; do you have any receipts.  Try to be as detailed as possible as all of this information can be extremely critical to your defense.
  3. Do not miss your court date, if you do a warrant will go out for your arrest.
  4. Call San Mateo DUI Attorney, Francisco Rodriguez, he will offer you a free consultation and inform you about all of the possible defense and consequences that you can expect in your case.  knowledge is power!
  5. Do not plead guilty, too much is at stake.  You must give yourself the opportunity to properly investigate your case!
  6. In San Mateo there are two Court houses where DUI case are heard, South San Francisco and Redwood City.  Attorney Rodriguez is familiar with both Courthouse having tried many cases in San Mateo County. He knows the law, the science, the Judges and the DA's.
  7. When going to Court give yourself ample time to deal with the metal detector line

So, if you have been arrested for a San Mateo County DUI, you must call San Mateo DUI Attorney, Francisco Rodriguez, he will make the difference in your case!