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San Francisco traffic ticket information:

  1. The San Francisco Traffic Courts are all (Department A and B) located at the Hall of Justice, 850 Bryant St., San Francisco, CA 94103.
  2. There are now Judges assigned to each San Francisco traffic Court departments, both department A & B.
  3. All traffic matters are handled out of room 145 and the civil assessment window in room 101.
  4. If you are heading to the San Francisco Traffic Courts, make sure that you arrive early to find parking and make it by the metal detector line.
  5. The typical course of a San Francisco Traffic Ticket is that a citation is issued with a date to appear.  You then must appear on or before that date in room 145 - San Francisco Traffic Clerks Office.  When you appear in room 145, they will give you a court date to appear for arraignment.  You can also request a single date, by asking for a trial date and posting bail.  You can also do a Trial by Declaration (read our section on this procedure, it is highly recommended), again by posting bail with the Court.
  6. After the arraignment you will be given the option to do traffic school or set your case for trial.
  7. In order to be successful in a San Francisco Traffic ticket, It is imperative that you know the way the system works, the players and the law.  
  8. The two important issues in any San Francisco Traffic Ticket, and any traffic ticket, is to avoid points on your DMV driving record and avoid insurance rate hikes

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