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Over the years that San Francisco DUI Attorney, Francisco Rodriguez, has been practicing in San Francisco, he has noticed that the San Francisco District Attorney's Office has become more strict when it comes to filing San Francisco DUI cases.  The Office understands however, that they must be able to present a strong case because if they don't, the juries in San Francisco will not convict.

This should not be confused with the fact that in any DUI case you are starting at a disadvantage, no matter what County you are in.  This is so because no one likes drunk drivers.  Many think that if you are sitting at a table being accused of drunk driving, then you must be guilty of it.  This is so far from the truth, but it takes a skilled lawyer to help juries understand that this is not the case.

San Francisco DUI cases start out in both the first and second floor at the Hall of Justice.  Where it will start depends on the seriousness of the charge.  Felonies start in the first floor and make their way up to the third floor. Misdemeanors start in the second floor and work their way up to the third for assignment for trial.  

If you have been charged with a San Francisco DUI you must talk to, Attorney Francisco Rodriguez, he has extensive knowledge of the Court, the Judges, the District Attorneys and, more importantly, he knows the law and the science.