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If you have been charged with any type of crime in the City of Oakland, the information provided in this page by Oakland Criminal Defense Attorney, Francisco Rodriguez, will help you to navigate your case.

The first thing that you should know is that there are two types of criminal cases or charges that can take place in the Alameda Superior Court, Oakland Court houses.  The first is an Oakland felony charge and the second an Oakland misdemeanor charge.  Normally both allegations will begin at the Wiley Emanuel Court House, located at 661 Washington St., the difference being that Felonies will eventually work their way to the Fallon St., Court House.

There are many courtrooms that a case can be assigned to, and different Judges will usually, depending on the stage of the case, handle case discussions. One must know where the case is going to help analyze if it's a good or a bad move for the clients case.

Please always make your court dates unless you want a warrant for your arrest.  Always give your self time to arrive early, there is a metal detector at each courthouse and it can take some time to make it through. Lastly, remember if you are charged with an Oakland crime, or think you might be, never speak with law enforcement about the facts of your case without first talking to an Attorney!

If you are charged with any criminal case in Oakland, it is important that you communicate with someone who is familiar with the Judges and Prosecutors and their policies.  Oakland Criminal Defense Attorney, Francisco Rodriguez, has that knowledge. 


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