"Oakland DUI Attorney, Francisco Rodriguez, was the best choice for me.  He knew the Court, the players and the law!" - Maria L., client

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If you have been charged with: a DUI in Oakland; a DUI in Berkeley; DUI in Albany; DUI in piedmont; DUI in Alameda; or a DUI in Alameda County, you must read the following information:

  • Contact DMV within ten days to schedule a hearing, or lose your license!
  • Contact DUI Attorney, Francisco Rodriguez, right away for a free consultation and free DMV hearing set up!
  • Do not miss the appearance date, it is a misdemeanor and a warrant will issue for your arrest!
  • The arraignments are held in Dept. 107, where often you will be encouraged to settle your case, don't!
  • Never plead guilty, no matter what the numbers say, until you have spoken to DUI Attorney, Francisco Rodriguez
  • You must know the Judges to be effective!
  • You must know the science to be successful!
  • You must know your opponent to earn your victory! 

Oakland DUI Attorney, Francisco Rodriguez has been litigating cases in Oakland for the past 15 years! He is well verse on the Judges, DA's, law and the science, call him now for a free consultation!