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The following is aimed at providing you information about how to handle a Marin County traffic ticket:

  1. All Marin County traffic tickets are handled out of the Marin Civic Center Courts Building.
  2. There is one Department, Department N, that handles all traffic cases in the Marin County Courts.
  3. There are currently two Commissioners assigned to handle traffic cases; Commissioner Hochman and Commissioner Chernus (soon to be Judge).  Commissioner Beverly Woods is now assiting in Traffic Court.
  4. You can appear at the Clerks office and request a date for arraignment, post bail and request a trial and arraignment date or post bail and request a Trial By Declaration (Please see our section on this highly recommended procedure).
  5. Never plead guilty or simply pay the ticket, you will have no chance of winning your case.
  6. There are two issues with any traffic case; avoiding points on your license and avoiding insurance rate hikes.
  7. If you receive a traffic ticket anywhere in the county of Marin, you must contact Marin Traffic Attorney, Francisco Rodriguez, for a free consultation. Attorney Rodriguez has been defending traffic tickets in the Marin Traffic Courts for over 14 years.


San Rafael (Marin County) red light cameras hit 10 thousand tickets

CHP identifies Novato hit and run suspect


Recently the United States Supreme Court issued a decision that should have, and is being tested, a great impact on most Marin County traffic cases.  The decision, BULLCOMING V NEW MEXICO, placed a requirement on the Prosecution to bring in witnesses even for foundational introduction of evidence.  

In the traffic arena, this should be applied in all Marin County speeding cases and Marin County red light camera cases.  The idea is that they must bring in witnessses if they are using TESTIMONIAL HEARSAY.  This is a great new tool for fighting traffic cases in Marin County.

If you have been cited for any Marin County traffic ticket, call Marin Traffic Attorney, Francisco Rodriguez for a free consultation.