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If you have received a traffic ticket and have been asked to appear at the Richmond California Traffic Court (Contra Costa County Traffic Court) here are some helpful tips to remember: 

  1. Do not allow the due date of your ticket to pass, a civil assessment will be imposed adding a whopping $300.00 dollars to your case.
  2. Expect to wait in line at the clerk's office for a very long time, when the time comes to go and sign up for Court or pay your ticket.
  3. Never simply pay your ticket, always challenge your case. You have a constitutional right to fight your case, use it.  Winning a case can save you thousands of dollars.
  4. It is a myth that you will lose your right to traffic school if you challenge your case. Traffic School is an option any time before trial starts.
  5. Know your audience, research who will hear your case.
  6. Know your defense.  
  7. Your version of facts will (in most cases) not defeat the officers version of facts

If you have received a traffic ticket and have been cited to appear at the Richmond Court house, you must call Attorney Rodriguez for a free consultation.  His Office is located less then 3 miles from the Courthouse and he has been handling cases at the Richmond, California, Court house for years.  He knows the Court, the Players and what it takes to win.