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The following is information aimed at helping you handle a traffic ticket in Oakland: 

  1. All traffic tickets for Albany, Berkeley, Emeryville, Oakland, Piedmont are handled out of the Superior Court of Alameda at the Oakland Court house.
  2. There are three traffic departments (in 2011, there will only be two); Department 101, 102 and 103.  There are currently two Commissioners handling the all Oakland Traffic Ticket cases.  Commissioner Carter, and Commissioner Culver are both assigned to hear arraignments and trials.  Both with very different styles and philosophies.
  3. The Oakland Traffic Clerks Office is located in the first floor.  You must use walk in court to take care of a ticket without posting bail - long lines, long wait.  In the alternative, you can post bail and ask for an arraignment and trial date to be held in a future date, or post bail and ask to do a Trial By Declaration ( a highly recommended procedure when done right - se our section on this issue) 
  4. Never simply pay a ticket or plead guilty.
  5. The issue with any Oakland traffic ticket is not only the fine, but also the points on your Driver's License and insurance rate hikes.
  6. In order to wage a successful effort in any Oakland traffic ticket case, you must know the court, the players and the law.

If you have been cited for an Oakland Traffic Ticket, Berkeley Traffic Ticket, Emeryville Traffic Ticket, Piedmont Traffic Ticket and are looking for the best traffic ticket attorney in Oakland, you must call Attorney Francisco Rodriguez, for a free case evaluation.  The Oakland Traffic Court is only 10 minutes away from our office.