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Marin County is a very unique place, it consists of a very liberal majority with a hint of conservatism built-in. As expected, Marin County Citizens are tough on crime.  This is very important information to consider if you have been charged with a Marin County crime. Remember that ultimately the decision of guilt or innocence in your case rests in the hands of Marin County Citizens. In order to be effective, you must understand your audiance.

The Marin County criminal court house is located in San Rafael, at the Government center.  All courts are located at the Court level and all cases (Marin felonies and Marin misdemeanors) are heard in these Courtrooms.  There are a total of eight Judges and several commissioners who make up the Marin Superior Court bench.  It is important to know what Judge will be hearing your case, as each one of them brings a specific view and approach to different cases.

If you have been charged with a Marin County crime and are looking to hire the best Marin Criminal Defense Attorney, you must speak with Attorney Rodriguez.  He, having attended High School and College in Marin County, and having practiced in the Marin Courts for the past 14 years, brings a local knowledge to a case that is unsurpassed by any other.  This special knowledge has helped Marin County Criminal Defense Attorney Rodriguez achieve some landmark victories in Marin.

Some basic but solid advice if you suspect that you are going to be charged, or are being charged, with a Marin County Crime:

  • Never speak with anyone other then an Attorney about the facts of the case.  This applies to law enforcement personal as well as friends and family.
  • Never miss a Court date, you may have to spend time in jail that you otherwise would not have to. It will also hurt your chances of getting out, if you are later arrested.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to get to your court date, there is a long line at times for the metal detector.
  • Call us right away for more information.

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